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When you purchase a piece of music from LanceDelgadoMusic, you will receive:

  1. A complete pdf score
  2. An mp3 of the entire piece
  3. A pit only pdf score
  4. An mp3 of the pit (no battery)
  5. A battery only pdf score
  6. An mp3 of the battery (no pit)
  7. PDFs of all the individual parts


"Lance Delgado is one of those very few who take this activity to a level where students take away experiences, skills, life lessons and artistry that will benefit them for the rest of their lives."
-Gary Pratt, Professor of Music and Co-Director of Jazz Studies, California State University, Northridge Department of Music

"Hiring Lance Delgado was one of the best decisions I ever made as a band director. He is not only an extremely knowledgeable, inspiring and talented teacher, he is also an amazing writer for all aspects of percussion. I was always amazed with the musicality of his arrangements. Our drumline placed first at virtually every competition and festival and it was all Lance and his expressive and exciting writing. I highly recommend arrangements by Lance Delgado. The first step to a great performance is great music written to challenge the students and teach them to play MUSICALLY".
-Tom Whaley, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator, Santa Monica-Malibu USD and former band director at John Burroughs High School (1991-2000)

"This is top of the line music from WGI Scholastic World to ADLA Scholastic C. I know my students have made incredible progress playing Lance's exercises and music!"
-Ken Hoffman, Band Director Buena HS 1998-2007, WBA A Class Champions, multi year championships finalist, SCPA PSA Champions, WGI multi year championship finalists, Band Director, El Camino Real HS 2007-present, ADLA Scholastic C Champions

"I have always been extremely pleased with Lance's writing and teaching. He does an excellent job of creating an effective program that is challenging, yet attainable for any group at any level. I would highly recommend using Lance as a writer or teacher for your percussion students."
-Paul Vesilind, Band Director, George C. Marshall HS, Falls Church, Virginia


All music compositions at Lance Delgado Music fall into 1 of 3 categories: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. It is of utmost importance that each line is playing music that is appropriate to their ability level.


Integrated Warm Ups

Beginning - This music is designed for the drumline with little or no experience. It could be a new program just starting out, or possibly the group is made up primarily of non-percussionists. The instructor might be new to teaching, or perhaps there might not be a percussion instructor at all. It could even be a middle school, or an elementary school.

Intermediate - Most groups fall into this category. This is the drumline with some experience and ability. There is usually at least 1 percussion instructor. The ability level might vary from section to section. The group might have some winter/indoor experience.

Advanced - This is the very experienced group with lots of ability. It could perhaps be a drum corps, college or very successful high school program. These groups usually have WGI/DCI/BOA/ experience and success.

More info and audio samples


These are "battery only" compositions that may be used for parades, football games or entering/exiting the field.

On Field Warm Ups

These are "battery only" compositions that may be used as a "1-minute warm up" on the field prior to a performance.

Indoor Marching Percussion Shows

These compositions are written specifically for "indoor" or "winter/spring" marching percussion competitions

Other Services

Lance Delgado also offers the following services. All levels.

  • Custom compositions
  • Customizing existing music
  • Clinics
  • Consultations
  • Private Lessons