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When you purchase an Integrated Warm-Up from LanceDelgadoMusic, you will receive:

  1. A complete pdf score
  2. An mp3 of the entire piece
  3. A pit only pdf score
  4. An mp3 of the pit (no battery)
  5. A battery only pdf score
  6. An mp3 of the battery (no pit)
  7. PDFs of all the individual parts

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About Lance Delgado

Lance Delgado received his Bachelors Degree in Music, specializing in Percussion from California State University at Northridge. He has served as Front Ensemble Instructor and Percussion Caption Head for the Sacramento Freelancers Drum & Bugle Corps, Cal State Northridge Matador Band & Drumline, and many others.

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New shows are available for the 2017 season!





All warm ups at LanceDelgadoMusic are integrated with both pit and battery parts. Many drumlines have separate warm ups for the pit and battery and they never warm up together. The reason is pits and batteries have very different and unique warm up needs.

So why have integrated warm ups? The more the pit and battery play together, the better. The pit and battery play together during the show, where they need to listen to each other and get used to playing together and lining things up. The pit needs to know how to listen back to the battery, so the more they play together, the better. For most groups, the only time the pit and battery play together is in an ensemble situation, and they are only playing the show. All the warm ups at LanceDelgadoMusic are designed to work something specifically for both the battery and the pit, so the individual needs of both sections are met while always practicing the skills needed to play together.

Also, there may not be enough ample rehearsal space for the pit and battery to warm up separately. Perhaps there are not enough instructors for both sections to warm up separately without someone being unattended with no instruction. Sometimes there is no instructor, so the band director needs to rehearse both the drumline and the wind section concurrently and needs the percussionists to be all together and close by.

Most drumlines that warm up separately do so by choice. If a separate pit and battery warm up is preferred, all warm ups function perfectly as pit only / battery only warm ups. In this case, it is very, very beneficial and very effective for the pit and battery to have something that they can play together other than the show that they can use to play at the beginning of ensemble rehearsal. Any opportunity to play clean and play together should be taken advantage of. Playing through an ensemble warm up at the beginning of ensemble rehearsal is great to establish listening, balance and sound quality before you begin playing the show. Remember, Excellence (clean!) is not an act, it is a habit.



All music compositions at LanceDelgadoMusic fall into 1 of 3 categories: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. It is of utmost importance that each line is playing music that is appropriate to their ability level.

Beginning - This music is designed for the drumline with little competition experience. It could be a new program just starting out, with a large contingency of non-percussionists, or perhaps the instructor might be new to teaching. It could be a middle school, or a program taught by the band director.

Intermediate - Most groups fall into this category. This is the drumline with some experience and ability. There is usually at least 1 percussion instructor. The ability level might vary from section to section. The group might have some winter/indoor experience. Comparable to WGI PSA/PIA level.

Advanced - This is the very experienced group with lots of ability. It could perhaps be a college, drum corps, or very successful high school program. These groups usually have WGI/DCI/BOA/ experience and success. Comparable with WGI PSO/PIO level.



This original show is designed to be a “movie trailer” for an upcoming film, “Action Movie.” This show features lots of fun moments like, “character intros,” “hero moments,” a “bomb diffusion,” and even a “car chase!