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When you purchase a piece of music from LanceDelgadoMusic, you will receive:

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All On Field Warm Ups are written for the following instrumentation:


All warm ups are designed to work with or without cymbals. If you have a diffent number of bass drums, each warm up can also be custom designed for your line. (see Other Services)





On Field Warm Ups

These are "battery only" compositions that may be used as a "1-minute warm up" on the field prior to a performance. Below are sound samples of each warm up with the appropriate level descriptor. All warm ups are copyright protected. To purchase music by check or pay pal, e-mail



Level - Advanced

Ekim begins using the quarter note triplet as the beat, then uses the straight 8th note to sound "funky". It modulates tempos into a 16th note groove which later adds flams & drags & lots of other fun stuff. I have used it for many of my advanced high school lines.

Price: $15

To purchase or request more information contact



Cinderella Meatgrinder

Level - Advanced

This was performed on the field by the 1991 Freelancer Drum & Bugle Corps. It begins in 7/4 and finishes in 7/8.

Price: $15 To purchase or request more information contact



Donkey Wild

Level - Advanced

This was written for the CSUN Matador Drumline. It contains many metric modulations, with the triplet becoming the 16th note, then back to the triplet, then the dotted 8th becomes the quarter. It also has some fun "grid" ideas at the end. Definitely not for the "beginning" line. It is very challenging, but also very fun!

Price: $15 To purchase or request more information contact