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When you purchase a indoor marching percussion show from LanceDelgadoMusic, you will receive:

  1. A complete pdf score
  2. A battery only pdf score
  3. PDFs of all the individual parts
  4. A full mp3 of each movement
  5. An mp3 of the pit (no battery) for each movement
  6. An mp3 of the battery (no pit) for each movement
  7. All samples/sound FX
  8. A PDF of "Show Notes" and "Sample Instructions"


The compositions are written for the following instrumentation. Some instruments can be substituted for others, depending on the instrumentation of your group. However, each composition can also be custom designed for your line. (see Other Services)


All Available Shows

Indoor Marching Percussion Shows

These original compositions are designed specifically for "indoor" or "winter/spring" marching percussion competitions. They are intended to be complete shows with very specific themes and styles. All shows have been "floor tested" in WGI "A", "Open" and "World" class competitions as well as in local circuits. Below are short descriptions of each composition. All compositions are copyright protected. All titles are full length shows and competition ready.


This is the very experienced group with lots of ability. It could perhaps be a drum corps, college or very successful high school program. These groups usually have WGI/DCI/BOA/ experience and success.

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Most groups fall into this category. This is the drumline with some experience and ability. There is usually at least 1 percussion instructor. The ability level might vary from section to section. The group might have some winter/indoor experience.

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This music is designed for the drumline with little competition experience. It could be a new program just starting out, with a large contingency of non-percussionists, or perhaps the instructor might be new to teaching. It could be a middle school, or a program taught by the band director.

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