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When you purchase a piece of music from LanceDelgadoMusic, you will receive:

  1. A complete pdf score
  2. An mp3 of the entire piece
  3. A pit only pdf score
  4. An mp3 of the pit (no battery)
  5. A battery only pdf score
  6. An mp3 of the battery (no pit)
  7. PDFs of all the individual parts



All cadences are written for the following instrumentation.


All cadences are designed to work with or without cymbals. If you have a different number of bass drums, each cadence can also be custom designed for your line. (see Other Services)





Percussion Ensembles

These are "concert percussion" compositions and arrangements that may be used for festival, percussion ensemble competitions, or school performance. Below are sound samples of each piece, with the appropriate level descriptor. All songs are copyright protected.



Level - Intermediate / Advanced

I wrote this piece while we were having 3 days of solid rain. (Quite an occurrance in Southern California!) The chime/synth melody at the apex of the piece may also be doubled on any "non-percussion" instrument, such as guitar, clarinet, violin, etc.



Cafe Espana

Level - Intermediate

This is a song by the Caribbean Jazz Project that featured Dave Samuels on marimba. This arrangement is for marimba and vibes, and features the steel drum.



Something There

Level - Beginning / Intermediate

This familiar tune comes from the only animated film prior to 2010 to be nominated for the best Picture Oscar. It is very melodic and pleasing to the ear, while the middle section gives the performers an opportunity to explore 12/8 rhythms.



Level - Beginning / Intermediate

This arrangement of the popular Chicago tune is designed to work as both a large ensemble and a small ensemble. All of the percussion parts can be doubled as many times as you have instruments. This is a great piece for a large group, especially if you want to introduce the entire drumline to percussion ensemble!