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What You Get

When you purchase a piece of music from LanceDelgadoMusic, you will receive:

  1. A complete pdf score
  2. An mp3 of the entire piece
  3. A pit only pdf score
  4. An mp3 of the pit (no battery)
  5. A battery only pdf score
  6. An mp3 of the battery (no pit)
  7. PDFs of all the individual parts






Private Lessons

Lance Delgado offers lessons on the following instruments. All levels.

  • Mallet Keyboard Percussion
  • Marching Percussion
  • Congas
  • Music Composition/Arranging
  • Music Theory


Custom Compositions

Lance Delgado has been arranging and composing original music for percussion ensembles for 20 years. Music can be written for marching band shows or indoor drumline shows. You will have your music taylored specifically for your groups' strengths and weaknesses.

Email for pricing and more information.


Customizing Existing Music

Any piece of music at LanceDelgadoMusic may be customized to fit your group for a nominal fee. Timpani or cymbal parts may be added, or number of bass drums can be changed to match your group.

Email to order.



Lance Delgado has been doing clinics for schools and organizations for 20 years. Clinics are intended to be an educational experience for the students. Clinics may be taylored to your needs and the needs of your students.

Topics may include:

  • Front Ensemble Techniques and Applications
  • 4 Mallet Techniques
  • Instrument Care and Maintenance
  • Accessory Percussion Techniques
  • Hand Drumming Techniques
  • Battery Techniques and Applications
  • Rudimental Snare Drum Techniques
  • Tenor/Multi-tom Techniques
  • Marching Cymbal Techniques, Sounds & Applications
  • Ensemble Performance Techniques and Approaches

Email for pricing and more information.



Lance Delgado can also help your group and/or staff with in person or email consultations on many topics including, but not limited to:

  • Setting the line through auditions or placement
  • Guidance through new instrument purchases
  • Deciding on the instrumentation for your group
  • Design and composition guidance
  • Discipline and group control techniques
  • Connecting with the students and keeping them motivated
  • Putting together and running an efficient and effective percussion staff
  • Planning and organizing effective and fun rehearsals
  • Organizing and planning a winter/spring drumline season

Email for pricing and more information.


Private Lessons

Lance Delgado also currently teaches private percussion lessons on all instruments at all levels.

Email for pricing and more information.